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The fashion in many modern homes is to keep walls and colour schemes simple and open. As well as perhaps making the room seem larger this allows the attention to fall on furnishings and decorations. The walls are a pleasant backdrop, not intended to dominate the room. Nonetheless, the walls should have a pleasant colour scheme that suit the floor, curtains and overall d├ęcor.

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Colour charts and colour wheels are still in use, though these days there are quite probably digital. Once used to find and mix the right colour from plain base paint these tools are now used to find the right complimentary and contrasting colour scheme for a room.

There are a few ways to find suitably matched pairs of colours.

Complementary pairs of colours can be found on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. Blue and yellow go well together, though they would probably be too dominate for a modern room.

Alternately, any three colours spaced around the colour wheel will work together well. Use of three colours in a room is unusual, but the three colour system works in many other situations.

More commonly people base their room on white or a neutral shade and highlight it with one other colour. As long as this suits the floor, the carpet, tiles or floorboard colour, the room will look fine.

Using a light shade of colour for the interior walls is also common. Again, this must suit the floor colour, and a colour wheel might help. But light shades of almost any colour can work well.

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Painters are happy to consult on the colour scheme for your home. They want you to be happy with the result.exterior house painting sydney

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