House and Bathroom Painters Sydney

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TIGER PAINTING – House and Bathroom Painters Sydney


An old adage say that a person should always have access to a good bath or shower, because having a hot bath at the end of the day allows us to tolerate most other things.  Having a nice bathroom helps too.


Bathroom Painters Sydney

A bathroom is usually given a relaxing feel. There are many ways to achieve this effect.

  • A single pale colour scheme with white amenities.

Lavender, sage green, sky blue.

  • All white, with some trim provided by tiles.
  • A single dark colour, offset with vivid white tiles

Dark blue, vivid red, deep purple.

  • Nature themed bathrooms
  • Natural wood furnishings, with a light crème wall colour.
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Type of Paint

Bathrooms, along with kitchens, will inevitable be exposed to a lot of moisture. This requires a different type of paint. Most of the other rooms in a house work best with a matt or eggshell finish, which tend to hide imperfections and don’t produce shiny reflections under light. But a bathroom benefits most from a glossy paint which resists moisture problems and makes for easy stain removal.

Talk to the painted about the best gloss or semi-gloss paint options. There are countless colour options.


Other Bathroom Details

We suggest some good lighting in the bathroom, possible with two options. Bright lighting is good for the morning; candle light (with orange tint) is good for unwinding at night. Consider the lighting this when discussing the paint scheme.


A pleasant scent, one that works with the décor, is also a good idea.


Bathrooms and House Painters Sydney

We spend much our lives in our homes. It makes sense that we want our homes to look good and feel comfortable. A great colour and Paint scheme is the first aspect of any house décor. Call us, and have a home you feel comfortable to be in.



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