Interior Painting Techniques

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Professional painters will vary their approach according to the situation, the weather, the indoor humidity, and according to any other factor that affects the quality of the final paint job. But some aspects of painting are universally practiced for the sake of good results.

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Some basic good practices that separate the professional from the inferior result.

  • Avoiding lap marks. These are the prominent lines that can occur when wet paint is partially applied over paint that has started to dry. This is a particular problem with latex and other fast drying paints. The key to avoiding join marks, achieving clean, invisible overlaps, is to paint over the edges while they are still wet, and while the roller is still wet. This often entails painting the entire height of the wall with each stroke.
  • Keep colours consistent. This is reasonably easy when there is one room painted from one can of paint. But if the room requires several cans of paint it is often best to combine them so they average out to the same colour. This is less of an issue today with standardization and computers measuring paint tints, but still a good practice.
  • Neat trim. The windowsills and skiting boards need to have neat and clean edges. If you paint the skirting board beforehand, and wait at least 24 hours, you can use masking tape to achieve a good edge on the walls.
  • Cleaning and priming surfaces. This is less of an issue if the house is brand new, but the other 90% of the time there will be imperfections on the walls surface. And rather than cover up the problem any new paint job will simply make those imperfections look more obvious.

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Your time is money. Save time and hire a professional painting group to achieve the best results. We can advise you ahead of time on the best look for you home, or how to achieve the look you have always wanted. Leave matter in our hands and enjoy the end results.

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