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Light and House Painting Services Sydney

We see colour and shadow because of lighting. The way a room looks is affected by the lighting. Colours, including the paint on the walls, are influenced by the lighting, sometime quite strongly. Any redecoration should take the lighting into account.

The position of the lights makes a difference. Lights are often placed high on the ceiling for safety (it is hard to knock them over) and because the light can cover most of the room. Of course you can end up with shadows, which can be remedied by using several light sources.

Always cover light sources, it is a reflex action to look at the brightest point of a room. We find ourselves compulsively staring at a bright light even as we try to avoid it.
Types of Globe
– Incandescent- These are warm, slightly yellow light. They emphasis red, orange and yellow, and slightly mute blue and green. These are now getting rare in Australia
– Fluorescent – Enhanced blue and green
– Halogen – similar to natural daylight, making colour look vivid.
– LED – variable in colour. You can change some LED colours be remote control.
Rooms –
Kitchens – These are functional. Use bright lights for clear visibility and minimal shadows
Television rooms – if you watch TV in the room you might want some steady but subtle background lighting. Try soft light above the curtains. Else, have bright lights for when you are not watching TV.
Bedrooms – We probably want bright light during the day. Use a bedside lamp with soft red light in the evening to prevent disrupting circadian rhythms.
Stairways – Always have clear light on stairways, for safety reasons.

Light and Painting Services Sydney
Talk to your housepainter about the lighting you intend to have in your various rooms, especially if the room severs more than one purpose. There is a paint and light solution for all your needs.

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