More than Walls and Ceilings

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Walls and ceilings are both the most obvious and most background elements of house painting. When these elements are well painted we hardly notice them, even as we notice the overall décor effect. But if the walls are badly painted the house looks very poor.

There are other elements of the house require painting, including railings, windowsills, cupboards …etc. Some of these are part of the of the house’s background, others are featured items. Both need to be painted well and in appropriate colours lest the look of the house’s décor be compromised.

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House features need to be painted accordingly for a house to look good. Care must be taken to use appropriate colours, and proper technique for the surface being painted.

External Iron Railings
These are prone to rust if not treated well, and often require rust removal before repainting. Metal must be cleaned with wire brushes and coated with rust preventing paint. Appropriately coloured railings can look particularly effective on almost any house.

Internal Metal Railings
Internal railings are subject to less wear than external fixtures, not being subjected to the outside weather. Nonetheless they require a different type of primer and paint. The usually are coloured to contrast with the décor, and not be the same colour as the walls.

These are the more fancy railings along stairs or balconies. Often they can use paint suitable for walls or wood, but a glossy finish will look better.

Kitchen Fittings
Kitchen cupboards often benefit from gloss paint, which resists staining and moisture. Matching cupboards and other item to the colour of floor tiles is important, but there are always many good options.

Wall House Painting Sydney

Walls are usually plain coloured with a matt or eggshell finish. But there are other options. Plain walls work well if the décor comes from other decorations. But having fancy decorations and detailed walls can make a room seem cluttered and over detailed. Alternately, rooms with sparse decorations can benefit from fancy walls. Murals or simple patterns can make a sparse room seem both open and lively rather than plain and empty.

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